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Safe and efficient transportation is essential to modern society; It is also a pre-requisite for develompent and prosperity. With the rise in traffic density, this environment becomes increasingly vulnerable. There is a growing demand for so-called Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), which among other things can dramatically improve safety and efficiency.

To support our clients in securing and increasing the efficiency of road transport we provide solutions including intelligent control systems as wll as surveillance and warning systems. We have many years of experience with all these systems and can draw on real data.

In particular, traffic management and its security are very complex areas. Like other human activities they work with so-called " telematic data" to constantly select the optimal control mechanism. Our traffic solutions management rely primarily on the collection and visualization of traffic telematic data such as:

  • The rate of transport of the reference section
  • Traffic density of the reference node
  • Classification and weighing of vehicles through a given node
  • Meteorological information

If you choose Sec-Communication, Inc. as your partner, you have access to a wide range of solutions to help improve security and efficiency of road transport on which we are all dependent.


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